End of Life Notification

End of Life Notification

We have just received an End of Life Notification for some ACT products.

This notification affects the following products.

ACTpro 101  -  ACTpro 100 PCB                              Replaced with ACTpro 120e or ACTpro 100e
ACT10_FK -  ACT10 Flush kit                                   No Replacement
ACT10_WS - ACT10 Weather Shield                        No Replacement
ACTSmart 1070 - ACTSmart Prox only                      No Replacement
ACTSmart 1080 - ACT Smart PIN&Prox Keypad        No Replacement
ACTSmart 1090 - ACT Smart PIN only keypad          No Replacement

If you have any questions please call our sales team on 020-8361-2444


ACTpro 120e or ACTpro 100e

The ACTpro 100e door station facilitates the expansion of an additional door on the ACTpro 1500 / 2000 / 4000/ 4200 controllers. The ACTpro 100e is available with the option of a 12 Volt DC 2A PSU (ACTpro 120).

ACTpro Installation manual

ACTpro 100e & 120 datasheet