Videx GSM updates.

New features and functionality with Videx GSMPRO.

Great new features and functionality has been added to the Videx GSMPro range.

View the datasheet for more information.DSGSM4KCR_ENUK_V1-0-1

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The GSMPRO, is now expandable to an eight-door access control system.

With remote door/gate control - It enables people to answer calls to their front door or gate from their mobile phone or landline.

Up to 400 access codes and 32 temporary codes can be used.  They can be programmed to expire after a number of hours if needed. There is flexibility as codes can also be programmed via PC software and remotely via SMS.

A new app is also available for both Android and iOS which simplifies the process of sending SMS messages.  Users will now also be able to download the new app directly from Google’s ‘Play store’ and Apple’s ‘App store’ free of change. The app can be used with all current and older model GSM intercoms.

The new generation GSMPRO boasts many more features which makes it an ideal access control choice for a greater range of businesses and organisations.

It’s also now an eight-door access control system, with the ability to add up to seven extra keypad or proximity access entrances. Additional entrances connect back to the GSMPRO via an RS485 bus using standard CAT5 cable.

Videx launches new IP system.

Videx have launched  their new IP video system.
The Videx IP system is available as a convenient kit and as an expandable system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building.

The intercoms are ideal for a wide range of installations including office blocks, apartment complexes, hospitals and commercial buildings, enabling the door entry system to utilise existing networks saving both cost and installation time.

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Videx launch new IP kit.

IPVK and IPVR Kits

New additions to the Videx range.

Videx have introduced a new range of IP intercom products for communication via a LAN, WAN or private network. WiFi can also be used to communicatewith tablets and smart phones running the Vidx app.
The system is available as a kit which includes the entrance panel, videophone and power supply.

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New Videx offline access system.

Have you seen the new Videx access system yet - the Videx MiAccess system is now available.

MiAccess is a new offline, standalone proximity access control system.

The system is ideal for installation in a wide range of buildings. Suitable for buildings that have single or multiple entrances. This includes offices, residential homes and small guest houses, as well as fitness centres, caravan parks and small hotels.

The beauty of the offline access control system is that it can be part of a multiple entrance system without the need to cable between devices. This means that it’s extremely easy to install and very cost effective too, ideal for smaller installations saving installation time while still maintaining system flexibility.