PAC 8 – app based door controller


PAC 8 – app based door controller

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PAC8 is a compact, app based door controller.

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Product description

The PAC8™ is a true one-door controller providing a modern way of system installation and management via the dedicated PAC8 App.

This smart, compact controller boasts 90% of the features normally only associated with PC-based systems.
The PAC8 can be conveniently configured remotely on any mobile device via the App.
All system configuration is backed up in a secure cloud environment, including settings, keyholder information and events.

Quick and simple installation and set up.

• True one-door controller when using PAC HF readers
• Bluetooth® Connectivity
• Integral RTE Button
• Single system can be expanded to 8x doors and include upto 250 users
• Local programming via PAC8 App
• Tokens added into the system via mobile device’s camera
• Free Cloud back up of events and database via the App in year 1
• Access can be restricted by groups per system
• Time profiles can be assigned to both door or a keyholder
• Programmable relays for additional access features such as a door forced/left open alarms
• Up to four mobile devices can be used to configure each system

The controller is neat and compact.  dimensions: 88 x 88 x 23mm (unboxed)

PAC8 datasheet:    12181. PAC8 controller

To complete your system simply select the a reader of your choice and add a transformer and release mechanism to suit your application.

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