CS-DDA 109-1/VRS Coded audio system


CS-DDA 109-1/VRS Coded audio system

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BSTL – Vandal resist, surface mount – 1 button coded audio system with DDA features.

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Product Description

CS-DDA 109-1/VRS Coded audio system

Only 4 BSTL CS-DDA 109-1/VRS’s available at special price due to cancelled order.

This CS-DDA 109-1/VRS system is a 1 button combined audio door entry system complete with coded access facility.
It has a stainless steel panel and surface mount, stainless steel backbox.
The system includes  DDA features

DDA Door Entry Systems.These door entry panels and systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This Act requires service providers and landlords to consider making reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access. The Bell DDA panels have been designed to address the varying interpretations and compliance with the legislation with regards to door entry systems.

For the blind or partially sighted. Pushbuttons with a high-visibility ‘halo’ ring are used.

For the deaf or ‘hard of hearing. Each panel includes two bright indicator lights; one permanently engraved with ‘Speak Now’ when a call has been answered, and the other engraved ‘Door Open’ for when the resident has triggered the lock release.

This kit is comprised of

  • model 801 wall mounting telephones.
  • 109 VR panel with stainless steel keypad and DDA features
  • model 61 speech unit.
  • model 200 independent boxed controller.
  • model 340C power supply.
  •  model 203 surface lock release.
  • full installation and programming instructions.

Model 200 controller.
This controls access to one door by means of the stainless steel keypad on the front door panel and is housed in an attractive and discreet plastic box. The programming is easily achieved by entering a security code and a sequence of simple codes at the keypad. The controller has ten codes available each of which can be 1 to 8 digits. Please refer to the Coded Access Control section for a list of features and programmable functions.

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