Bticino 342610 digital call module


Bticino 342610 digital call module

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Product description

Bticino 342610 numeric digital call module.

The numeric call module can make calls from the entrance panel to handsets by just
keying in the number corresponding to the handset required.
The correspondence between the numbers and the user names is found from a phone
book by the side of the module and made up of nameplate modules 342200.
From one to four numbers may be keyed in to make the call, as programmed by the
The module can also activate the electric door lock by means of a secret code number.
The module is supplied with a multicable for the connection to the speaker module.
To be used with keypad monobloc front covers and alphanumeric keypad modular front
The call is forwarded automatically after the last digit has been entered.
System power supply cuts do NOT cause the loss of memory data.


  • Coded door lock release
  • Numerical LED display
  • Call status indicators

Technical Data

  • Power supply from SCS BUS: 18 – 27 V DC
  • Stand by absorption: 15 mA
  • Maximum operating absorption: 15 mA
  • Operating temperature: -25 – +70 degrees C


  • 89 x 100 mm