Bticinio 344832 Mono monitor


Bticinio 344832 Mono monitor

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Bticino – 2 wire mono monitor.

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Product description

344832 . Video handset with black and white 4” monitor for use in 2 WIRE systems.

This monitor has the following pushbuttons for video door entry system functions:

  • door lock release,
    entrance panel/ camera scrolling activation,
  • staircase lights switching on and intercom.

The volume of the bell can be adjusted, or the bell may be disabled. Comes with 16 different types of already preset bells, selectable for the call to the floor, main entrance panel bell, and intercom  functions.

This monitor also has a secret conversation function, and “door status” control (function possible in
conjunction with the door lock actuators 346230 – 346260 and with CIsA ELETTRIKA door
lock with 346240 accessory).

Wall mounting bracket supplied as standard.


210 x 215 x 56mm