Golmar Tekna-HF Plus

Golmar Tekna-HF Plus


Tekna hands-free colour monitor for “Plus” system installations.

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Product description

TEKNA-HF PLUS ColoUr 4.3″ hands free video monitor

Reference: TEKNA-HF PLUS

For “Plus” digital installations using CAT 5 or 3 wires + coax.

The latest style Tekna hands -free colour video monitor from Golmar Systems. This monitor has a 4.3″ TFT LCD screen.  Among the new features on this monitor is the introduction of an alternative programming method using DIP switches, making programming quick and easy.

Main features are:

  • “Plus” digital installation of CAT5 or 3 wires + coaxial cable.
  • Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9003 white colour.
  • 4,3” colour TFT LCD screen.
  • Brightness and colour adjustments.
  • RJ-45 additional connector for CAT5 wiring.
  • Surface installation through a metal wall mounting connector.

Additional useful features:

• Privacy on audio, video, and door open progresses.
• On-Off push button with light indicator.
• Preview and auto switch-on functions.
• Input for EL562S receiver module, that allows video signal reception through a twisted pair wires, replacing the coaxial cable.
• Input for door bell apartment push button.
• Different call reception tones depending on where the call is coming from.
• Three positions call volume regulator.
• Uses the lock release push button to call to the concierge unit.
• Background tones in the telephone handset confirm outgoing calls are in progress.
• Two programmable buttons for the activation of auxiliary devices (second camera, lights, …), using SAR-12/24 relay units.
• Selectable intercommunication between TEKNA-HF PLUS units (up to five) in the same apartment. During intercom function, a call from the door panel can be attended.
• Use D4L-Plus/RJ45 or D6L-Plus/2H video distributors in case of CAT5 installation or D4L-Plus video distributors in case of coaxial cable installations, according to the wiring run.
• The maximum number of units inside the same apartment, without additional power supplies, is three.


123 x 198 x 27mm

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