Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit

Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit


This one station kit has an extruded aluminum door panel.

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Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit

Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit

Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit

The Golmar 5110/SC-Colour Video Kit has an extruded aluminum door panel. The camera is a Colour CCD camera with pan and tilt adjustment at the panel and infra red LED’s. There is an acoustic signal at the panel confirming that the call is in progress.
This kit is designed and supplied with items to allow connection via 4 cores + 1 twisted pair. It is possible to connect via 3 wires + coax.


The monitor ( Tekna Plus Colour monitor ) is a surface mounting unit with a 4″ flat screen, with video spy and auto switch on functions. It is possible to have intercommunication with other monitors or telephones (Plus models only) in the same apartment.
It has the facility to activate auxiliary devices using a SAR-90 relay
Up to three units of Tekna Plus, Tekna Uno, T-540 Uno, or T-540 Plus can be used in the same apartment without additional power supplies.


Lock release not supplied in kit. Use 12Vd.c. lock release.

Kit comprises:
1110/AL push button grille module x 1
EL531 speech module with Colour camera x 1
EL500 microprocessor module x 1
600/AL closing heads x 1
CE610 embedding box x 1
Tekna Plus Colour monitor x 1
RCTK-Plus wall mounting connector x 1
FA-Plus/C power supply x 1
EL560 twisted pair video transmitter x 1
EL562 twisted pair video receiver x 1

This one way kit comes flush mounted, to surface mount please order 811/AL surface housing or if preferred order 711/AL rain-shield only. It is possible to mount the surface backbox AND the rain-shield for extra protection.


Platea Plus monitor dimensions: 200mm x 220mm x 54mm

Panel dimensions: External: 134mm x 148mm     Back box: 125mm x 140mm x 56mm