Golmar Stadio Range Audio Kit

Golmar Stadio Range Audio Kit


Golmar audio kits. 1- 10 way

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Product description

Golmar Stadio Range Audio Kit

The Golmar Stadio Range Audio Kits has a 1.8mm extruded aluminium door panel. The kit comes as standard with a flush mounting panel/backbox.
It has an electronic call to the handset with an acoustic signal at door panel.
It is possible to have additional handset being called from the same call button but these need to be purchased separately.
There is no lock release supplied in the kit.


PLEASE NOTE – These kits now come with the latest T-500 style handset.

The kit is designed to be used with a 12V a.c. lock release. Lock release not supplied.

The one way kit comprises:
1 x 2110/AL one button grille module
(with 600/AL closing heads – assembled)
1 x EL550/KIT speech module
1 x CE610 flush backbox
1 x T-500 telephone with electronic call
1 x TF-10 transformer

Larger kits will have the appropriate number of call buttons on the panel and the required number of handsets i.e. one per dwelling.

For surface mounting kits there are two options:
Order a surface mounting backbox with integral rain-shield part number 871/AL for 1 and 2 way kits or 875/AL for 3-10 way kits.
Or order a slim surface backbox 881/AL for 1 and 2 way kits or 885/AL for larger kits.

Alternatively you can add a rain-shield to the flush mounting unit to give a little extra cover. See part number 711/AL and 705/AL


1 and 2 way kit dimensions:
external panel :134mm x 148mm
backbox: 125mm x 140mm x 56mm

3 to 10 way kit dimensions:
external panel: 134mm x 228mm
backbox: 125mm x 220mm x 56mm


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