BSTL Handset 801S

BSTL Handset 801S


The 801S handset is a standard handset with a mute switch.

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Product Description

BSTL Handset 801S

The BSTL Handset 801S is the standard handset supplied in all BSTL kits.

The 801S has a switch included on the side of the telephone to allow the user to mute the call-tone and prevent disturbances from nuisance calls

Manufactured in white high-impact plastic that imparts a high durability and compliments most wall furnishings.
It incorporates a lock release push button discreetly positioned on the base, and under the handset, to prevent inadvertent use. The electronic ringing tone is reduced when the handset is off the hook.

Dimensions: H 212mm x W 85mm x D 55mm

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