Bellcall accessories

Bellcall accessories


Accessories for Bellcall Emergency Call System.

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BSTL – Bellcall accessories

BSTL have a range of accessories for use with their Emergeny Call Systems. Pendant switch, Ceiling pull switch, Over-door light and Magnet reset keys.


Pendant Switch: BC-PD2 and BC-PD3. A hand held switch typically used for patients in bed or seated with a reassurance light. If the lead is inadvertently removed from its socket on the Call Point a call will automatically be genereated. Two models available; with a 2 metre or 3 metre lead.

Ceiling Pull Switch: BC-CS. These surface mounting call switches are typically installed in bathrooks and touilets. Two red triangles are provided to pull the cord from either a standing or prone position. A red reassurance light illuminates when the switch is operated.

Over-door Light: BC-OD and BC-ODS. These lights are typically installed in corridors outside rooms or wards to indicate when a call has been generated. Up to 4 zones can be combined to cover common areas. Two modes are available; a standard model and a model with a sounder.

Magnet Reset Keys: BC-K1- and BC-K50. All Call Points can be reset using wither the push button or a Magnet Reset Key. These bright yellow keys are used to prevent the patienbt from cancelling their call. The keys are supplied in packs of 10 or 50.


BC-CS: 85mm diameter x 25mm
BC-OD: 85 x 85 x 45 mm
BC-ODS: 85 x 85 x 45 mm
BC-K1/BC-K10: 65mm x 15 mm

About the Bellcall Emergency Call System.

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