SEAL BIT 2+ Gel Insulation Sealant

SEAL BIT 2+ Gel Insulation Sealant


Bi-component isolating gel; 1000ml.

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Product Description

SEAL BIT 2+ Gel Insulation Sealant

The SEAL BIT 2+ Gel (AV 9996) Insulation Sealant consists of two components that are mixed in equal parts.

To take voltage measurements for diagnostic work simply push probes through the gel to the connection to be measured, on removing probes Seal bit will reseal itself as before.


  • Ready in 4 minutes
  • Clear gel so wires and connections can be seen through.
  • Available with two bottles (one for each component), a container for mixing and plastic stirrer
  • 1 litre (500ml each component)
  • Watertight sealing
  • Can be used in small quantities on multiple occasions making for zero wastage.