NT200-NF No Touch Release Button.

NT200-NF No Touch Release Button.


Narrow style ” No Touch” button with adjustable proximity range

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    Additional information

Product description

Narrow style “No Touch” exit button

Product Description:
Door Release unit – no physical contact required to activate.
Very usefull in situations such as hospitals or restaurants – no contact helps to prevent spread of germs.
Also very useful if you have your hands full – automatic detection.
Product Info:
  • Illuminated halo normally red, going green when activated
  • Infrared proximity sensor
  • Narrow stainless steel back plate, screen printed ‘DOOR RELEASE’
  • Adjustable proximity range
  • Adjustable door open period (0.5-20 seconds) or toggle mode
  • Flush mount
  • IP65 (sensor unit only)
  • Surface mount unit also available (NT200-NS)





Additional information

Mounting option

flush mount, surface mount

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