PAC & GDX – product support

PAC & GDX – product support

PAC & GDX Product Support Update.

The PAC and GDX teams have issued an important notice with reference to what they term “Legacy” products.

Legacy products are those that have been superseded by updated models or products.

“Since the products were withdrawn from the market, we have noticed a gradual decline in the number of related support calls we receive. For this reason, we have taken the decision to remove the support of these older products. This allows us to focus our resources on product advancements and new cutting-edge developments, which the market of secure access control now requires more than ever before”

Click the link below to view a list of those withdrawn products and their suggested upgrade path.


There is however, a dedicated legacy equipment resources page on their website where you can access many manuals and guides. To view these resources click here.

For products:

or call our sales team on: 020-8361-2444

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