Bticino 332120 and 332240

Does your system need the now obsolete Bticino 332120 or 332240?

As you will have discovered these modules are now obsolete leaving many systems in need of replacement and many customers unhappy!.

We have a solution that would require only a new panel and speech amp leaving the rest of the system in situ.

Call our sales team for details and pricing.

020 8361 2444

Price change Reminder

Price Changes

Just a quick reminder that various prices will be changing on the 1st March,.

The price changes include

Fermax products - up by approx. 2%

BPT products - up by approx 4%

Golmar products - up by approx 4%.

AES. products - up by 2.9%

PAC & GDX – product support

PAC & GDX Product Support Update.

The PAC and GDX teams have issued an important notice with reference to what they term “Legacy” products.

Legacy products are those that have been superseded by updated models or products.

“Since the products were withdrawn from the market, we have noticed a gradual decline in the number of related support calls we receive. For this reason, we have taken the decision to remove the support of these older products. This allows us to focus our resources on product advancements and new cutting-edge developments, which the market of secure access control now requires more than ever before”

Click the link below to view a list of those withdrawn products and their suggested upgrade path.


There is however, a dedicated legacy equipment resources page on their website where you can access many manuals and guides. To view these resources click here.

For products:

or call our sales team on: 020-8361-2444

2019 PRICE CHANGES. Advance Notice

Upcoming price changes.

Just a quick heads up to make you aware of upcoming price changes in 2019.

Controlsoft prices will be changing on the 2nd January 2019. No specific % increase. some price up others down. Please check prices before ordering.

Videx will also have  a price change coming into effect on the 2nd January. Prices up by 4%.

Fermax prices will be increased by 2% from 1st January.

A new BSTL price list will come into effect on the 1st February 2019. There will be an average price increase of around 3%.

There will also be changes to the Comelit price list. An average change of around 2%. Some monitors and handsets will only change by 1.5% with other, mainly older products increasing by 3%.  Again, this price change comes into effect on the 1st February 2019.

BPT price increase due on the 1st March. This increase will be 4%.

The New Year is the time when most manuafcturers advise their price changes and we will, as always, aim to keep you up to date. And we will remind you nearer the time of the increase.

Got a written quote?

Don't forget -  if you have a written quote the prices quoted will remain valid for 3 months and will be honoured, even if there has been a manufacturers price increase! If you have a project in the pipeline, get that quote in writing!

Comelit Visto: Christmas Offer.

For TRADE customers only!

Special CKitVistohristmas promotion on Visto and Visto/C kits. Offer ends 31/12/18

Quote TradeVisto  or TradeVisto/C and get the special offer prices: KIT Visto  £152-00 and Kit Visto/C  £169-00 .

**Nett price, no further discounts or promotions can be applied. Prices exclusive of  carriage and VAT.

**Must be ordered and delivered to a trade address.

Visto Christmas Promotion

Looking for WiFi enabled door entry ? Look no further!

Latest offer from Comelit.

Available from your favourite distributor.

Buy a mini hands-free Simplebus video system and get a FREE upgrade to a mini hand-sfree WiFi Simplebus system. No additional costs involved.

Offer available up until the 31st March 2019.

Trade customers only. Only one free upgrade per installer account.

Mini Wi-Fi Promotion - Comelit

For futher information or to place your order call our sales team on 020-8361-2444

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