G2+ Kits have arrived

Now in stock!

S5110.ART4The new Golmar 2 wire video kits are now in stock!

This is the new Golmar G2+ technology.

The latest range of kits comes with a vandal-resistant (IK07 / IP44) panel with a built-in proximity reader with programming fobs and 5 user fobs.

Hands-free colour monitors with image memory function.

The kits are available with either 7" monitor or 4.3" monitors and there is also a version with WiFi connectivity. They can all be expanded with additional monitors.

It is possible to mix and match monitors to suit your requirements.

2 button and 4 button systems are available. Call our sales team for more information and pricing.



Bticino 334122!

The end of the 334122 monitor.

Bticino have been phasing out their analogue video systems. One of the last few parts still available for these systems are replacement monitors. 334122.

However, we have just had this notification through so please note:

"The Pivot video monitor 334122 for analogue and 8 wire systems is no long going to be manufactured after April this year. There will be no replacement and no longer the possibility to offer/order replacement video handsets for these systems. The only future solution will be to upgrade to 2 wire, either the entire system or just the affected apartment using the analogue to 2 wire interface + a Classe100 monitor. This can be complex and costly!"

If you have any systems out there it may be worth considering buying in a spare or two!

Controlsoft pricing

Please note: Price changes January 2020

Controlsoft have just issued a new price list - effective 1st January 2020.

Please double check your cost before ordering.


Videx price changes

Price Increase - 1st January 2020.

A short note to make you all aware that Videx prices will increase by approx 3% from the 1st of January.

Please check your prices before ordering.

And a reminder that there is a similar price increase on Fermax products also effective from the 1st of January.



Christmas Opening and a new home for 2020

Christmas is coming and plans need to be made!

We will be closing for the Christmas break at 5-00 pm on Friday 20th December.

This will be the last shipping day for any orders.

We will then be closed for the holiday period and will re-open for business on at 8-30am Monday the 6th January 

BUT, we will re-open in our new home.

Please note our new address from the 6th January will be:

25c Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way, Hitchin, Herts. SG4 0TY

All telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will remain the same ensuring that it will be easy for you to contact us.

Price change reminder

Just a quick update:

Farfisa prices are due to change on the 1st December 2109.


Also: Fermax will be introducing a new price list effective from the 1st  January 2010.

In the main increases are 2% or less with some monitors coming down in price.

Please feel free to check prices before ordering.

Our sales team is here and ready to help you. 020-8361-2444

A bright idea!

Custom made - Surround/cover plates

When upgrading an old system to a new one do you find that the modern monitors are a fraction of the size of the old leaving horrible looking marks on the wall?

Your customer could redecorate the room or you could offer a neat, custom cut surround plate to cover those unsightly marks.

Made from white plastic (standard option) and cut to size with fixings to match the new monitors.

Custom plates are made to suit, offering you ease of installation and giving a presentable finish at a fraction of the cost of having the room re-decorated.

For more information or a quote please call our sales team on: 020-8361-2444.

You can also e-mail your requirements to sales@safelink.co.uk



Price increases on the horizon

Yes, it is coming up to that time of year again!

The first price change notice has arrived.

Farfisa prices will be increase by approximatley 8% from the 1st December 2019. 

You can always beat the increase by placing your order early.

Call our sales team on 020-8361-2444

NEW GSM kit from Comelit

Comelit have launched a new GSM kit.

New GSM Kit - A 1 button surface mount panel with integral weathershield.

The paNEW GSM KITnel has a built in keypad for programming and coded access  functions and a Trades button. GSM app

Specifically designed for use with gates and barriers where running cables can be a problem.

Calls are received on standard telephones or mobile phones. Install a SIM card from any network into the panel, then using the easy to use APP, or via the keypad just program the numbers required.

The new GSM kit comprises of: 1 x surface mount panel with integrated weatherhood and power supply.


Special pricing for installers: Apply for your trade discount by calling 020-8361-2444 or dropping us a line with some details of your credentials- sales@safelink.co.uk

NEW: Keypad with built in proximity access

The Golmar Keypad

Keypad and proximity unit.GM-SKWV2

standalone Keypad

The new standalone keypad includes proximity access and a doorbell.  It allows up to 8 entry codes, 1000 proximity cards and is rugged and yet elegant in design. You may connect to other devices using the auxiliary input interface.  Can be used outside as it is designed for external use with an IP65 protection index rating.

The rugged IP65 rated Waterproof structure offers extra durability and which makes it perfect for outdoor installations.
The value-added Auxiliary Input interface allows the unit to link with an external source, for instance a smoke or gas detector etc., or an emergency switch. Once the linkage is triggered, the device would automatically generate an alarm signal and open the door in emergency cases of emergency situations.