NEW: Keypad with built in proximity access

NEW: Keypad with built in proximity access

The Golmar Keypad

Keypad and proximity unit.GM-SKWV2

standalone Keypad

The new standalone keypad includes proximity access and a doorbell.  It allows up to 8 entry codes, 1000 proximity cards and is rugged and yet elegant in design. You may connect to other devices using the auxiliary input interface.  Can be used outside as it is designed for external use with an IP65 protection index rating.

The rugged IP65 rated Waterproof structure offers extra durability and which makes it perfect for outdoor installations.
The value-added Auxiliary Input interface allows the unit to link with an external source, for instance a smoke or gas detector etc., or an emergency switch. Once the linkage is triggered, the device would automatically generate an alarm signal and open the door in emergency cases of emergency situations.

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