NEW GSM kit from Comelit

NEW GSM kit from Comelit

Comelit have launched a new GSM kit.

New GSM Kit – A 1 button surface mount panel with integral weathershield.

The paNEW GSM KITnel has a built in keypad for programming and coded access  functions and a Trades button. GSM app

Specifically designed for use with gates and barriers where running cables can be a problem.

Calls are received on standard telephones or mobile phones. Install a SIM card from any network into the panel, then using the easy to use APP, or via the keypad just program the numbers required.

The new GSM kit comprises of: 1 x surface mount panel with integrated weatherhood and power supply.

Comelit. GSM 1-K GSM door entry kit

Special pricing for installers: Apply for your trade discount by calling 020-8361-2444 or dropping us a line with some details of your credentials-

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