Did you know ????

Did you know ????

Did you know that we have an Emergency Call System available?

BSTL have a a very versatile Emergency Call System that lends itself to a multitude of applications in call point in usea number of different markets.

If you have links with nursing homes, care homes, private hospitals, leisure centres and premises with disabled toilet facilities this is well worth a look.

The Bellcall Emergency Call System is available from Safelink – a long established distributor of the Bell System Telephones range of products.

The Emergency call system allows individuals to initiate an alarm call in order to obtain assistance. An indicator panel will alert an attendant by sounding an alarm and by illuminating a lamp adjacent to a name plate identifying the caller.

The indicator panels are availabel in 4 sizes which, when combined, can accomodate system from 4 zones up 120 zones. The panels have touch sensitive buttons for attendant functions and have easliy replaceable stips for printing a patients name or room number. Thus enabling regular changes without marking or disturbing the panel.

The call points are available with a range of options to suit the application and system requirements. They call points can be “standard”- a simple call requesting attention or assistance. An”emergency calll point” can only be re-set at source which ensures that the call is attended to and cannot be muted or ignored. An “alert call point”  is for emergency calls or call by staff for further assistance.

Also available are a range of peripherals enhancing the system.

Pendant switches are hand held switchs for use by patients/residents that may be in bed or seated. They incorporate a reasurance light to confirm that a call has been made. If the lead is indavertently pulled from its socket on the call point a call bill automatically be generated.

Ceiling pull switches

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