The new 3600 monitor is now available. 

From the 1st of August 2010 the new 8000 Series kits and modular systems will be supplied in place of the 800 Series.

The new range modules are available in mirror finish stainless steel or a matt aluminum with the frames available in aluminium or black.

The 8000 Series audio kits (8K) directly replace the 3K audio kits and are priced the same. The new 8000 Series video kits (VK8K) have been enhanced and will now expand up to 4 entrances, are based on the proven technology of the VK4K video kits and are less expensive than their 800 Series equivalent.

The Videx range caters for all needs with systems ranging from a basic unit, with common speech, to a computer controlled, fully isolated, multi-entrance video and/or audio system with the option of concierge facilities.

In addition, the Videx range of self-contained audio and video kits provides users with a one-stop option for installing an access control or door entry system. Videx systems are specified throughout the industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Many local authorities and housing associations use the company’s Specialised Range of access control and door entry equipment, whilst the highly innovative Special Needs range has been purposefully designed for disabled, infirm and elderly users. Both audio and video kits (monochrome or colour or with memory facility) are available with codelock or sentry key options, plus the recently added prox card system.

Standard kits are offered in a stainless finish or in aluminium with white and brown options as well as being available with either flush or surface mounted panels. Audio kits are also available with the 380 interface unit, enabling them to be used with standard or cordless telephones. Larger systems are available with many options as the standard range is of a modular format giving extreme flexibility of design. The more sophisticated digital systems are available with panels in both modular format and flush mounting stainless steel.

Videx also have a GSM intercom which has a USB interface for programming and the option to connect up to 50 call buttons. It is a totally self contained unit and has a text alert feature built in. This is available in the 4000 Series design and can be combined with proximity and coded access modules.


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