Entryphone is a British manufacturer, established in 1958. Products are designed and manufactured with the belief that once installed a system should remain a functional and serviceable part of the building for as long as it is required. There is therefore no such thing as an obsolete “Entryphone”. Spare parts for every product are available.

All apparatus is designed to be easily installed and simple to maintain. Systems are not complicated and do not incorporate the latest microchip technology – the internal circuitry is based on well known and established telephone and closed circuit T.V. principles and full technical information can be provided on any product.

Audio, video and coded access systems are all available in very cost effective stainless steel finish, flush or surface mounted and offering backlit nameplates as opposed to permanent engraving. Panels are also available in Brass finish.


Some of the Entryphone products available from Safelink in our online store include:

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