Creating a new balance between technology and design
Creating a new balance between technology and design is the driving force behind Elvox’s entire production ethos. In order to bring to fruition the detailed concepts that Elvox has produced during the development phase, namely, a high-tech product, comprehensively meeting specification and guaranteed from design through to manufacture, Elvox has developed a state of the art production facility that includes some of the best manufacturing machinery available on the market.

Believing in a future of certified total quality
Believing in a future of certified total quality and implementing it now, is one of Elvox’s hallmark strengths. For example, a state-of-the-art laboratory has been created within the company to carry out rigorous testing of all materials and to ensure entry into the market of products that fully comply with the most rigorous demands of quality, safety and reliability. Attainment of certification for our production department for a Quality Management System to UNI ENISO 9001:2000 has been one of Elvox’s most important achievements both nationally and internationally, testimony to their commitment in this field.

Conceiving and producing the best possible instruments of communication
Conceiving and producing the best possible instruments of communication is the goal repeatedly achieved and exceeded, by a company in constant evolution. Elvox S.p.A. has successfully established itself in world markets as an international leader in audio and video door entry systems and a benchmark producer of automated gate systems and telephone systems as a result of its leading edge technology and a capacity for innovation, developed and perfected over many years by a closely-knit team of highly qualified professionals working towards common goals. By keeping closely attuned to the latest market trends, they have been able to combine their technical skills with elegant styling to create products that blend harmoniously into any location and are sophisticated both technically and visually as well as being reliable and easy to use.

Developing technologies that make life simpler
Developing technologies that make life simpler is one of the cornerstones of Elvox’s corporate philosophy. For almost fifty years, the Elvox team’s assiduous commitment and capacity to innovate have been directed towards achieving customer satisfaction and improving quality of life. The wide range of products and high-tech solutions offered by the company have been designed to adapt perfectly to a variety of different contexts: from single homes to building complexes, offices to industrial premises and every other environment in which people go about their daily business. All in perfect harmony with the requirements of people who use technology for the pleasure of using their time better and with greater freedom.

Developing and applying new concepts of logistics
Developing and applying new concepts of logistics is a further step towards providing improved customer service, which is one of Elvox’s major priorities. To guarantee clients a constant supply of goods, distributed promptly both at home and abroad, Elvox now has a warehouse built to the latest standards in the movement and despatch of goods, managed by a highly advanced IT system. This enables the constant, rational monitoring and management of all goods and materials in order to make better use of space and to shorten delivery times, thus providing a highly efficient means of optimizing performance and of giving a better, more flexible and reliable service to customers.

For more than 50 years, Elvox have been designing state of the art Door Entry systems ranging from simple, affordable one way audio and video kits to complex audio/video systems for multi-storey apartment blocks. As fashions have changed over the years and technology has accelerated into the digital age, Elvox products have remained at the cutting edge.

Audio and Video entrance panels have been produced to meet the needs of both modern dwellings and penthouse suites from combined audio/video handsets to hands free video monitors with tilting screens. The elegant, contemporary appearance of these products has been matched by the introduction of the latest two wire technology.

The Elvox products fall into the following main categories:

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