Availability of  BTicino parts.

As you will be aware the older Terraneo/Bticino 2000 series modules and components are definitely no longer available. Even the good old 600 handset is no longer available. The only part that we can still get is the 2659 speech amplifier. But for how long? We do not know at this stage.

The system that superseded this was the  3000 series (Sfera) system. This was available in various formats i.e. 5 wire and 2 wire for audio and 8 wire and 2 wire for video.

You have probably been experiencing difficulties lately in obtaining some spares. Many of the 8 wire / 5 wire modules are no longer available. Many of the “monoblock” panel are also no longer available. In the 2 wire range it seems that the probable is not so sever and 2 wire modules can be obtained but the covers plates for the modules are, again, not readily available.

We have to advise that it may well be time to consider replacing rather than repairing systems that are out there as this range is well on its way to being obsolete. It would not be ethical to replace a part only to have to tell the customer shortly after that further parts are no longer available.

Legrand can offer their new  2 wire range in both audio and video systems but this is a new system and not an upgrade to your existing.

If anyone needs further clarification or would like a quote for a new system please do not hesitate to contact our sales team: 020-8316-2444.

In the meantime – have a look at the few parts that we have  left available – all listed in our on-line store.

Some of the Bticino products available from Safelink in our online store include:

For more information on the full range of  products please visit our online store or call our sales team on 0845 389 2298