New Tekna Monitor

Tekna colour monitorNew Monitor

Golmar has traditionally offered several options within their Tekna range of monitors; Mono/Colour, Uno/Plus and Digital/2 wire/5wire.

Some might say too many options. This range has now been reduced.

As for many other brands on the market, for commercial reasons, mono options are no longer viable.

It has now become viable to replace the UNO (the basic) range of monitors with a monitor offering all the additional features of the PLUS range and more!

The new Tekna Plus SE will replace both the UNO and PLUS range of monitors.

These new monitors are fully compatible with all Plus and Uno monitors already installed.

You can read more in the manual @

Say goodbye to Stadio panels

Stadio panels and modules to be phased out 

stadio panelsThe Stadio range of panels will gradually be phased out over the next couple of years.

Stadio panels are available for spares and repairs but we have for some time been quoting the Nexa and Nexa Inox ranges instead.
The replacement designs, Golmar's Nexa and Nexa Inox offer an improved finish and updated, more modern styling.
The Nexa is aluminium and the Nexa Inox is a stainless steel modular option thereby offering stainless steel - off the shelf.
Have a look and see for yourself.


Aluminium. Creating new trends. Nexa is the new modular door panel from Golmar. Its lateral profiles not only make the panel more robust, but give the sensation that it is floating on the wall. So much more than a piece of metal!

Nexa has been designed for ease of installation. The internal modules, with detachable connectors, easy connections through the flat cables and pre-wired push buttons on digital systems will save effort, time and money.

A modular system and therefore flexible, allowing you to make up the panel size required..

Nexa Inox

Nexa Inox. Common core. Nexa Inox has all the advantages provided by the use of Nexa Aluminium internal modules, but under a hard core skin. The stainless steel used in both frame and modules makes it resistant against acts of vandalism. For those looking to replace and existing Stadio panel, Nexa Inox is the most convenient option as far as it uses the same embedding boxes.

Stainless steel, off the shelf! Modular and therefore you can configure the panel to suit requirements.