2017 Some good Videx price news!

Videx Price NewsThe Videx price increase

The Videx price increase on the 1st January will now be only 4% and not the 6% as anticipated.

PLUS, some of the fob prices have actually been reduced. So, good news all round !

About Videx:

Established for over 30 years, Videx Security is a leading manufacturer and supplier of access control systems across the UK. They are experts in the door entry market. Videx and their team of estimators, technical support and designers are focused on making and providing high quality products.

2017 ACT price changes

ACT price changes in January 2017ACT price

Just announced, there will be an approx. 5% increase in the ACT price list from 1st February.

However RFID fobs and cards will be increasing by 7.5%.

Please do remember to double check prices before ordering.

About ACT:

2017 - Winner! Benchmark Innovation Awards

2017 - Vanderbilt launches its first partner loyalty program, Aspire!

2016 - Vanderbilt and ACT join forces!


Fermax prices up 5% in 2017

Fermax pricesFermax prices

It has just been confirmed to me that there will be changes in the Fermax prices.  A new Fermax price list will be effective from the 1st January. There will be a 5% increase on current prices.

Any written quotes will be honoured so if you have anything starting in early 2017 get in now!!!