Price changes – advance notification

It is coming up to that time of year again, price changes are in the pipeline!

As ever we, here at Safelink, try to keep you up to date and today we can advise that we have already had notification of two sets of price changes in the New Year.

bptCame.BPT have a price increase of approx. 4% that will become effective from Febraury 2018


fermaxFermax have a price increase of approx. 3.5% that will become effcetive from January 2018.

We are always happy to help you beat the increase.

Get your quotes in wrtiting! Most quotes are held and honoured for 3 months.  Or  get your order in before Christmas.

Fermax prices up 5% in 2017

fermaxIt has just been confirmed to me that there will be a new Fermax price list effective from the 1st January. There will be a 5% increase on current prices.

Any written quotes will be honoured so if you have anything starting in early 2017 get in now !!!

New products from Fermax

New products from Fermax 

Now on-line ready for ordering!

The kit includes:

  •     1/W video door entry panel with hood (ref.1407).
  •     7" TFT colour monitor with touch screen.
  •     Power supply (ref.1410).
Also now available DUOX from Fermax.
It is the unique 2 wires system, which give it an advantage in comparison to the rest of the systems.
Quicker to install and with no error possibility.
Allows all type of possible connections: star, easy chain, distributed...

Doesn't require distributors or switchers, the installation can be made simply with panel, power supply, line termination and home terminals.

DUOX is designed to be installed in both in new construction or replacement situations. It allows you  to manage up to 1,000,000 users or addresses.

Call our sales team for a quote or more information. 020-8361-2444