Spring Stock clearance items

Spring Stock clearance items

Spring Stock Clearance

We have been having a bit of a spring clean and as a result have been able to put together a Stock clearance list of items that we can offer at a very good price. We are offering these items so as to make way for new product.
Only limited numbers of each available at these price.

If you are interested in any – give us a call or go on-line – most appear on our web store listSpring Stock Clearance

Click here: Stock Clearance items  – to see the full list and special offer prices. Keep checking our web store as more may well appear as we continue our tidy up! 🙂

Fermax, Urmet, Farfisa, BPT, Videx, Golmar, BTICINO and BSTL products available. Buy now price exclusive of vat and carriage. 

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