Videx 835M speech modules.

Videx 835M speech modules.


Speech module for 1+1 systems.

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Product Description


Videx 835M speech modules are  for the older 800 series panels

Art.835M-0, 835M-1, 835M-2
Speaker unit for “1+1” audio door entry systems with or without privacy of speech.
The speaker unit circuitry includes:
a. The voltage rectifier and stabilizer circuits;
b. The modulated tone generator;
c. The transmitting amplifier with condenser microphone and volume control;
d. The receiving amplifier and volume control;
e. The audio balance circuit with the relevant “BALANCE” control;
f. The voltage reader circuit: depending on the voltage changes caused by picking/hung up the handset the circuit enable or disable  speech line and door open;
g. The enslavement relay to enable the electric lock (one contact normally open which closes to ground on door open signal);
h. 2 LEDs to illuminate the name plate (except the 835M-0 model).
The version 835M-0 has not the terminals “P1”, “P2”, and “C1”.
On the 835M-1, terminal “P2” is not fitted

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