PAC8 tokens

PAC8 tokens


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Product Description

The PAC8™ QR Ops™ Token is a dedicated High Frequency (HF) credential designed specifically to use with the new PAC8™ App-based Door Controller. The QR Token offers a modern and intuitive method of adding new keyholders in to the system by using the mobile device’s camera. New users can be created by scanning the QR placed on the token with the PAC8 App.

The PAC8 App converts the unique and secure code to match the token code which ensures traditional QR scanners are not able to decipher it in the same way. The QR code is printed on a label on each token which can be removed at any point if required. Supported by HF technology this token minimises the risk of cloning, delivering a functional solution for any premises.

The tokens are recommended for use with the PAC DS1 HF Mullion reader and also work in conjunction with any reader from our GS3 HF range.

Sold in packs of 10.

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