Comelit 6302 “Smart” Monitor

Comelit 6302 “Smart” Monitor


Hands free colour monitor for Simplebus  systems.

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Product Description

  Comelit 6302  – SMART MONITOR

The Comelit 6302 features:

  • Colour monitor with 3.5” screen and Full-Duplex hands-free audio.
  • Allows audio volume adjustment, ringtone volume adjustment with privacy activation indicator light and brightness control.
  • Fitted with key button, audio enabling/disabling button with corresponding indication LEDs and 2 other buttons pre-set for self-ignition and switchboard call (these can be programmed for other uses).
  • It is normally used for door bell management and call repetition, and comes complete with an 8-position DIP switch for user code programming, as well as a second 8-position DIP switch for programming.
  • Inclusion of the button card part. 6333 allows a further 5 additional programmable buttons to be made available.
  • The monitor can be used in all colour Simplebus systems and Kits.
Dimensions: 138 x 138 x 24 mm