T05 – Safelink 2 relay Multifunction timer

T05 – Safelink 2 relay Multifunction timer


Unique timer relay giving the combined functionality of the T01, T02 and T04.

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Product Description

The Safelink range of timers are housed in a plastic housing with a snap on lid.

Dimensions: 103mm x 81mm x 32mm

This unique device has two separate timers that can be triggered from a N/O or N/C volt free contact or a +12-24Vdc voltage source to offer either a delayed output, a momentary trigger facility, a minimum period or an extended period switching, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic timer applications.
Operates on 12-24V AC or DC.
Time periods can be set from 1 second to 10 hours.
The two on board relays enable an extended range of functionality with the ability to set relay 1 to trigger relay 2.
This unit gives the combined functionality the T01, T02 and the T04.


T05 Data and instruction sheet.


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