Notification of Price Changes 2014

NotifIcation of Price Changes 2014

Comelit - new prices effective January 2014

Videx Security - new prices effective January 2014

Safelink - new prices effective January 2014

BSTL - NO price changes till 2016!

Bticino - new prices effective February 2014

Please remember. Although written quotes will be honoured - this is only for a period of three months from the date of the quote. Please check all your quotes and prices before ordering.


Golmar have changed their SV kits

Golmar have changed their SV kits

The SV-801SE/AL is now an SV-801SE/GRF. Both mono and colour versions available.

Caja Rock cerradaRock video (3)

The differnce - just the colour of the external panel. Instead of being a lightish grey coulour it is now graphite. Looks nice and will not get dirty as quickly!

The SV-370S has been modified and there is a new improved version available. The panel has been re-designed to iron out some niggly issues that occured occasionally. This kit is now the SV-1370S II.

Both prices have also come down!

Both products can be viewed and/or purchased on-line.

SV-801SE/GRF SV-801SE/GRF Colour SV-370SII

MAGIS a new monitor from Comelit

MAGISMAGIS a new monitor from Comelit

Comelit have launched a new monitor that they are calling Magis.

Available in both mono and colour and come complete with bracket.

  • Suits Comelit SimpleBus Systems
  • No bracket required
  • Handset version Comelit Magis monitor with 4 inch mono screen, white gloss finish
  • Fitted as standard with key button, indicator LED and 2 other buttons pre-set for self-ignition and switchboard call (or
  • actuator control).
  • Allows call volume adjustment with mechanical privacy control and brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Ringtones can be customised by selecting one of various melodies.
  • Manages floor door calls as standard.
  • Dimensions: 216mm x 189mm x 50mm

To dowload a brochure  here. Magis_EN_brochure

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Have you ever tried IP Video?

ViP SYSTEMHave you ever tried IP Video?

Check out this offer from Comelit and take the opportunity to install a colour VIP Video system for the price of a standard colour video system.

For all the details download the promo leaflet here.

To find out more about Comelit VIP system checkout the video at

Just call our sales team and send us a copy of your quote or request a quote from us and then we will liaise with Comelit to get your quote upgraded to a Video IP system for FREE.

A great way to get an upgrade from standard monitors to hands free monitors!

Pay no more than you would have done for your standard system.

Don't miss out, this offer is only valid up until the end of December 2012.

IPlus Video -TCP/IP technology for everyone

Golmar have launched their IPlus IP video system, which has been specially designed for the domestics market. It has been well received not only in these situations, but also in commercial set-ups, schools, universities and a well known football stadium!

clip_image001The system is here and has been installed and tested thoroughly - it works like a dream. The installation is so simple you will hardly believe it.

This system offers a beautifully slim panel with a choice between two versions - one with handset, and one without. The panels are VR stainless steel and also have two variants - pure traditional VR or VR with windows and a fingerprint-proof finish.