New Tekna Monitor

Tekna colour monitorGolmar has traditionally offered options within their Tekna range of monitors.

Mono/Colour   -  Uno/Plus  -  Digital/2 wire/5wire

Some might say too many options....................
This range has now been reduced.

As for many other brands on the market, for commercial reasons mono options are no longer viable.

With technical progress it has now become viable to replace the UNO ( the basic ) range of monitors with a monitor offering all the additional features of the PLUS range and more!

The new Tekna Plus SE will replace both the UNO and PLUS range of Tekna monitors.

These new monitors are fully compatible with all Tekna Plus and Uno monitors already installed.

You can read more in the manual @

Say goodbye to Stadio.

Stadio panels and modules to be phased out 
The Stadio range of panels will gradually be phased out over the next couple of years.

We do still have stocks available for spares and repairs but we have for some time been quoting the Nexa and Nexa Inox ranges instead.
The replacement designs Nexa and Nexa Inox offer an improved finish and updated, more modern styling.
The Nexa is aluminium and the Nexa Inox is a stainless steel modular option thereby offering stainless steel - off the shelf.
Have a look and see for yourself.

Some good news!

sml-videx2The Videx price increase on the 1st January will now be only 4% and not the 6% as anticipated.

PLUS, some of the fob prices have actually been reduced. So, good news all round !

ACT price changes in January 2017.

act-logoJust announced, there will be an approx. 5% increase in prices of ACT products from 1st February.

However RFID fobs and cards will be increasing by 7.5%.

Please do remember to double check prices before ordering.

Fermax prices up 5% in 2017

fermaxIt has just been confirmed to me that there will be a new Fermax  price list effective from the 1st January. There will be a 5% increase on current prices.

Any written quotes will be honoured so if you have anything starting in early 2017 get in now !!!

And another !!!

comelit-cropIt has just been confirmed to me that there will be a new Comelit price list effective from the 1st January.

If anyone has any projects on the go 2016 prices can be confirmed and held but you are requested to confirm details of these projects in 2016.

Watch out for January 2017

Be aware!

Another price increase has just been announced for 1st January 2017.

A new AES price list will become effective for all orders placed from 1st January onwards, so unless you have a written quotation, which will be valid and honoured for 3 months from the date of the written quotation, new prices will apply.

Sterling price increases of up to 9% are being attributed to the continued weakness of Sterling against the Euro and the Dollar. Please feel free to request a full price list for specific product increases.

There are also some new product enhancements and upgrades available. Watch this space for details or call our sales team for more information.