Constantly evolving the Golmar range introduces new panel styles and new monitor styles.

Have a look at this pdf introducing the main Golmar product range. This pdf is complete with links to further product information. Introducing Golmar V4.1

The Nexa and Nexa Inox ranges have been introduced and have been well received. Slim stylish panels with ease of installation in mind. The Nexa Inox is extremely good looking, modular VR system enabling VR features off the shelf. Also available are more traditional VR style panels.

IP Video – TCP IP technology for everyone . Golmar have launched the IPlus IP video system which has been specially designed for the domestic market has been well received in commercial situations, schools and universities. The system is here and has been installed, tried and tested and works a dream. The system offers a beautifully slim panel with a choice between two versions – one with a handset and one without.

The range of products is wide: starting from 2 wire audio systems with either standard or weatherproof and vandal resistant panels to innovative digital video technology.

The latest products include the 2 plus audio digital system; with 2 unpolarized wires only, allows you to draw any kind of configuration in record time, visit our downloads page for your brochure.

Another innovation is the Vista Plus digital video system; the sole colour video system that allows the replacement of an existing audio system without using monitors powered with batteries.

The video technology used allows installations based on 3 wires + coax or 4 wires plus twisted pair. 2 wire systems and systems specially designed to replace existing audio installations are also available. This is the Vista Plus digital video system; the  colour video system that allows the replacement of an existing audio system without using monitors powered with batteries.

The latest release is the new GB2 – 2 wire range. Boasting two styles of hands free apartment station monitor to choose from Vesta 3.9″ and Thera 7″

All of these technologies are available in a single user kit format or in multi dwelling system formats.

The modular ranges, Stadio, Nexa and Nexa Inox,  offer the ability to configure your panels to suit your customer requirements. The choice available ensures that there will be a style to suit your application. All the INOX panels are complete with a treatment applied to avoid fingerprint spots thus ensuring the panel stays clean and fresh looking.

If your application require a more traditional stainless steel panel the Rock Inox range is for you. The panels are made of 2.5mm thick ANSI 316 stainless steel with VR buttons and 5mm thick polycarbonate name window covers. These panels are also available for the IP range of products.

Golmar offer two main traditional style monitors with handsets, the Platea and the Tekna range of monitors both available in versions to suit all wiring configurations. Alongside these is the sleek hands free Szena monitor with covers available in different finishes.

The three styles are interchangeable in 3 coax and 4 twisted pair installations.

A range of audio handsets are also available including models with volume control and on-off feature as well as a “universal” handset designed to replace older modules that may have had an AC buzzer as well as those with electronic call tones.

Some of the Golmar products available from Safelink in our online store include:

For more information on the full range of Golmar products please visit our online store or call our sales team on 0845 389 2298