Farfisa manufactures world class products sold in 65 countries around the world. The comprehensive product range is state-of–the art and manufactured to ISO 9000:2002 certification. Products have aesthetic design, ease of use, latest electronics, top functionality, and ease of installation.

The Farfisa range offers something to suit every application:-

Kit versions of each of the systems are available for easy choice and selection. Kits come complete with:- 

New ‘Profilo’ range of modular door stations
This modern looking range is composed of audio and video modules with one or two-row call buttons. Video module has an integrated door speaker, and is applicable for multi-user installation.

New ‘ Exhito’ and ‘Echos’ video interior entry monitors 

Duo Range
All the above ranges of products are also available as an option called Duo. The Duo range offers the same main range of products but each as a ‘ two wire’ product. Farfisa’s electronic design expertise has developed this world leading capability to achieve unbeatable benefits as follows:-

Prices available on application
Farfisa provides outstanding products and support services

Some of the Farfisa products available from Safelink in our online store include:

For more information on the full range of Farfisa products please visit our online store or call our sales team on 0845 389 2298