With over 40 years experience developing and manufacturing Door Entry systems, Bitron Video are a well established name in the Door Entry market. Bitron have a range of systems suitable to the differing requirements of various types of residential and commercial buildings.

From a boxed 1-way Audio kit to a Colour Video system in a multiple block residential development with a concierge, Bitron Video have a system to suit the application and the budget. Our range of stylish and robust entry panels means there is a panel type to adorn the front of any building and our stylish and modern range of internal door-phones and video door-phones will compliment any interior design.

The range starts with our Villa kits which are for one and two family residences and come in traditional wiring or the “2 Wire Integral” type for installations where existing cables are limiting. These kits include the T-Line panel with attractive anodised silver finish and a stylish blue LED backlighting, the required PSU and the latest design of T-Line door-phone in audio, mono video, colour video or hands-free colour video.

Larger systems are of a modular nature with a choice of stylish and robust modular entrance panels or stainless steel vandal resistant panels in analogue or digital dial options. Multiple entrance switchers, video distributors and decoders, power supplies, relay boxes and wiring brackets are the back-bone of the system allowing bespoke system design. The system is then completed by choosing the unit for inside the apartment from the range of audio and video doorphones.

Our “5 Wire Video” systems are well loved in the industry thanks to the ability to transmit video over twisted pair cable, such as telephone cable, eliminating the need to run more cumbersome and expensive co-axial cables. These systems are also capable of handling concierge functions by just adding one additional connection in the system.

The T-Line Hands-Free monitor is the latest development in our video range, it was created to meet and exceed the expectations of customers who demand high-tech products and increasingly more compact dimensions. The clean, minimal style is that of the entire T-line series: essential, contemporary surfaces made of top quality materials give life to a compact product with great looks. Open-Voice communication is possible thanks to full duplex speech and the monitor can be supplied with a range of mounting brackets meaning this monitor can be supplied on any of our systems and is backwards compatible with our discontinued co-axial based system.

A wide choice of panels is available to suit the application or individual aesthetic taste.
T-Line Villa Panel
Domular Classic Evolution
Domular 3000 Evolution
NEW T-Class
VR-Inox stainless Steel
VR-DigInox Digital stainless steel

Audio & Video Door-Phones:
Our range of door-phones offer a selection of styles to suit the budget and the decor in which is they are be installed.
T-Line Audio
T-Line Universal MV1000
T-Line Video
T-Line Hands-Free

Some of the Bitron products available from Safelink in our online store include:

For more information on the full range of Bitron products please visit our online store or call our sales team on 0845 389 2298