Another satisfied customer!

Customised panels to order.

Safelink recently made a custom designed panel for London Testing and Maintenance Ltd.

The panel was made to meet their specific requirements i.e. material and dimensions, to replace an existing, old, failing panel. We are happy to report that both London Testing and Maintenance and their customer were delighted with the result.

** They needed to replace a vandalised panel without changing any of the other parts on the system.

Our custom made Vandal Resistant  stainless steel panel did the job.

A vast improvement !

This custom panel saved time and costs as it was designed to be used with the existing system componets alleviating the need for engineers to visit every flat. It saved on costs as no other new materials were required and the installation could be carried out in minimal time.

Came / BPT training available. Book on-line!

Product training.

Did you know Came / BPT have a new website for booking product training on both Came and BPT products. They have a whole host of training packages available.

info on new training  website

You can book your training online @

A number of the suppliers of other brands also offer training. If this is something that your are interested in let us know and we will point you in the right direction.