Coded modules now in stock for Nexa panels

We now have stock of the coded access module for the Nexa audio and video panels.n3301al_300

Nexa is the latest in the Golmar panels range. Its lateral profiles not only make the panel more robust, but give the sensation that it is floating on the wall. So much more than a piece of metal!

Nexa has been designed for ease of installation. The internal modules, with detachable connectors, easy connections through  flat cables and pre-wired push buttons on digital systems will save effort, time and money. And now with the coded access module in stock there is complete flexibility in panel design, making posible the panel configuration that you require.



Calling all installers.

Fermax are rolling out an accredited installer scheme - are you an installer of Fermax products?

At least one engineer would need to attend a free training session and further sessions will be  available regularly throughout the year if required. You  would also receive a Fermax insider club card that confirms that you are accredited with Fermax to show to customers. You would also gain access to a protected section of the Fermax website and your details can be imbedded on the Fermax website. Fermax would be happy to be listed on your own website if desired. There will also be various incentives and rewards through the year.

What will  happen from Fermax is that all end user leads that are received for installations and maintenance would be fed to the local accredited installer

Interested? Just complete the Accredited Installer Application and send to Fermax.

Goods would still be purchased through us in the normal way. .