Time to catch up… This month a Kit offer from Videx

Videx are currently promoting their new 6000 series Video Kits and currently have two promotional offers running. Offer available from 1st July until the 31st August.

6000 series video kits (470x292)

CVK8KS/6056 only £323-07
CVK4KS/6056 only £359-01
CVR4KV-1S/6056 only £435-22
plus any carriage and VAT.

Offers also available on CVKC8KS/6056 and CVKC4KS/6056 - £441-93 and £493-61 respectively, as well as even better pricing on orders of 5 or more! Call for details.

Download an information sheet here:  6000SeriesVideokits

New BPT Agata C200 handsets now in stock!

Agata C200This is the new standard BPT handset - system 200 range.
Versions also available for X1 and versions with intercom facility / additional buttons.
Same price as the YC/200!

BPT have also produced a new A5 size catalogue for their product range. Call our sales team for your copy020-8361-2444

Price Changes

Over the last couple of months there has been some price changes from a number of manufacturers:

  • Videx have had a small price increase
  • Comelit have had a small price increase on standard parts- some older parts have increased by a bigger percentage!
  • BPT prices have changed and a number of items are now cheaper
  • Golmar prices have changed some increases but overall Video prices are down.
  • Farfisa also have a new price list available
  • ACT prices have increased with new products also introduced into their range.

For information on prices and new products call our sales team on 020-8361-2444

Golmar have changed their SV kits

The SV-801SE/AL is now an SV-801SE/GRF. Both mono and colour versions available.

Caja Rock cerradaRock video (3)

The differnce - just the colour of the external panel. Instead of being a lightish grey coulour it is now graphite. Looks nice and will not get dirty as quickly!

The SV-370S has been modified and there is a new improved version available. The panel has been re-designed to iron out some niggly issues that occured occasionally. This kit is now the SV-1370S II.

Both prices have also come down!

Both products can be viewed and/or purchased on-line.

SV-801SE/GRF SV-801SE/GRF Colour SV-370SII