New products coming on-line

Videx have introduced VR4K modules with windows. These can be used with any of their VR4K systems. 1 2 3 and 4 button modules are being introduced in January. Videx are also introducing new desk kits these will be available for Eclipse audio and video units. Kristallo audio and video units and the 3600 and 6000 video monitors.

Intratone are launching a new Intracode panel - more news to follow as details come through.

If you need information give us a call.

Safelink would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our customers and supporters

We hope that it will be a Happy and Prosperous year for all. We have a few News Items to get you started:

bstl logoBSTL prices will increase by 2% from the 1st of February. If you need any Bell equipment order early and some yourself some money!



Videx LogoWow ....... the latest Videx product Builder disc has just arrived on my desk.

What a comprehensive and useful tool it is. If you would like a copy simple request one from us or from Videx direct.

Please remember however, the product builder does NOT automatically update prices. You will need to ensure that you check that prices quoted are current. Alternatively request a quote from the Safelink sales team. All quotations are valid for three months and prices will be honoured.

FermaxFermax have produced a crib sheet to help identify old/replacement keypad and speech modules.

Click here to download a copy. Spare-Parts-Table-2012