Racing Updates – A quick update for all you racing fans

Many of you enquire how the boys get on and so a quick update on the final positions now the season is at an end.

IMG_8673Between them the three riders finished with 7 top ten places in 5 different championships! So very well done boys.

This was particularly good as all three of them began the season late in a some of the championships and for various reasons were not able to enter all of the meets.

Adam, one of our technical bods here at Safelink and he himself had 4 top ten finishes. The details are below:

Minitwins: Curtis Rothwell 3rd / David Palfreman 4th
Streetfighter B: Adam Palfreman 6th
Streetfighter Extreme: Adam Palfreman 10th
Thundersport 500: Adam Palfreman 8th.
Thundersport GP2: Adam Palfreman 3rd / Curtis Rothwell 6th.

Watch out for next year!.

Latest News from Intratone – 3G video has arrived!

Intratone have launched their 3G video panel. This panel is fitted with a 136 degree wide angle camera and will enable you to see who is at the door directly on your mobile phone. The phone needs to be video calling enabled. Those residents without this feature will still be able to receive audio calls on their mobile phone or land line.

residentiel-collectifAll the Intratone panels come with access control fitted as standard. You have the choice to use it or not - but the access control system is perfect for residential situations and can be fully managed real time from the comfort of your office.

No site visits required to add new or replacement fobs. Click here for an information leaflet. Intratone -2011

IPlus Video -TCP/IP technology for everyone

Golmar have launched their IPlus IP video system, which has been specially designed for the domestics market. It has been well received not only in these situations, but also in commercial set-ups, schools, universities and a well known football stadium!

clip_image001The system is here and has been installed and tested thoroughly - it works like a dream. The installation is so simple you will hardly believe it.

It offers a beautifully slim panel with a choice between two versions - one with handset, and one without. The panels are VR stainless steel and also have two variants - pure traditional VR or VR with windows and a fingerprint-proof finish.

NFC – Near field technology for your access control!

NFCComing in 2012 near field enabled mobile phones will be able to activate your access system if you install a near field technology proximity reader.

These readers are available NOW from Controlsoft. A number of different mobile phones will be enabled in 2012. If you are installing access control why not consider future proofing your system by installing a reader with near field technology.

There is a small additional cost but what a saving for the future! Read all about it by clicking here.